Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot Lava, Sunny Islands and Cool Waters...

These days I've been inspired to create a few Treasuries featuring beautiful creations by fellow Etsy artists!
My first theme was hot lava... And to my great joy an item I had included in it sold within MINUTES!!! Oh how happy I was! Treasuries are beautiful collections, but their primary aim is to promote eachother's work! So it was truly a great satisfaction.
The beautiful fine art photographic print that sold is a work by Cherry Blossom Tattoo :

And here is the Treasury after replacing the sold "Volcano" (it was on top row, 2nd from left):

Next are two island-inspired Treasuries! Bright colors and summer feelings!

And a collection inspired by cool refreshing waters...

Monday, June 28, 2010


A hot Mediterranean summer afternoon… the sun ablaze in the sky, and a wonderful blue sea… this was my inspiration for this bold ring.
I have hand painted the back surface of a large clear glass cabochon with beautiful white “veins”, using orange and blue acrylic paints. The white veins in the glass seem to float above the painting, looking like little stripes of clouds in the sunny sky and foam in the sea.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Week's Treasuries

My work has been featured in a few beautiful Treasuries by lovely Etsy artists this week. With the start of summer the main inspiration for these beautiful collections was summer of course, with its happy colors, light, sunny skies and feelings!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I had some lovely little beads in natural untreated wood... They look so delicate and beautiful, you can really feel the essence of nature and woods in them... Some are small sections of twigs, they feature the original bark. I had been thinking about what I should do with them, then I got an idea! I wanted to paint them but to leave them as natural as possible! So I spilled some acrylic paint and "rolled" the beads randomly through the paint. The result is lovely: colorful and natural at the same time!

These are the beads in shades of blue, I did the same with orange and tangerine! You'll soon see what I'm going to make out of them :)!

Sunsets of Love, Summer Fireworks, an Enchanted Valley and that very special Connection between Cats and Artists!

These days my inspirations for beautiful collections have been...
those wonderful romantic summer sunsets we'll never forget...

...and fireworks on warm summer nights, when the sky is full of millions of stars...

One more inspiration was the enchanting beauty of my beloved woods...

And last but really not least, a Treasury inspired by my love for these wonderful creatures that are cats... and by a great quote about the special connection between sensitive souls and cats. 

"Refined and delicate natures understand the cat. Women, poets and artists hold it in great esteem, for they recognise the exquisite delicacy of its nervous system."
J. Champfleury

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Experimental Jewelry: TAYLOR'S ECLECTIC

I love experimental and unconventional jewelry! So I have decided to start a new series featuring jewelry artists who work with unconventional materials and techniques, and who see a ring or a pendant as a canvas to express their art and creativity.

My first artist is Taylor of Taylor's Eclectic. She creates absolutely unique and colorful pieces that are wearable sculptures created out of paper and wire, specially sealed so that they are waterproof.
About her work and inspiration she says: "I am fascinated by color and the intricate details of small spaces. Very rarely do I see the world in black and white or any shade of gray. I am mesmerized by the way light bounces off of crashing ocean waves and the way it dips through wind blown leaves. I try with every piece I make to make the intangible tangible...the roar of the ocean, wind whipping through leaves, the unseen world beneath the surface of water. Wire allows me to capture the minute details of the world that I see around me, and color adds the unceasing drama that I feel in every single piece that I make. I hope that you enjoy my world of color!" I certainly do, as I passionately love color too, and I find Taylor's jewelry absolutely unique and incredibly beautiful.
You can find Taylor's wonderful art jewelry in her Etsy shop Taylor's Eclectic.