Saturday, June 19, 2010

Experimental Jewelry: TAYLOR'S ECLECTIC

I love experimental and unconventional jewelry! So I have decided to start a new series featuring jewelry artists who work with unconventional materials and techniques, and who see a ring or a pendant as a canvas to express their art and creativity.

My first artist is Taylor of Taylor's Eclectic. She creates absolutely unique and colorful pieces that are wearable sculptures created out of paper and wire, specially sealed so that they are waterproof.
About her work and inspiration she says: "I am fascinated by color and the intricate details of small spaces. Very rarely do I see the world in black and white or any shade of gray. I am mesmerized by the way light bounces off of crashing ocean waves and the way it dips through wind blown leaves. I try with every piece I make to make the intangible tangible...the roar of the ocean, wind whipping through leaves, the unseen world beneath the surface of water. Wire allows me to capture the minute details of the world that I see around me, and color adds the unceasing drama that I feel in every single piece that I make. I hope that you enjoy my world of color!" I certainly do, as I passionately love color too, and I find Taylor's jewelry absolutely unique and incredibly beautiful.
You can find Taylor's wonderful art jewelry in her Etsy shop Taylor's Eclectic.

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