Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cousins and best friends!

Here we are! The two famous cousins Anna and Sylvia! We often say we are "cousins by chance": we are so much more than cousins - we are best friends, sisters, kindred souls and each other's greatest supporters! Sylvia is always there for me when I feel down, she always knows how to make me feel better, she believes in me even when I don't, and of course she celebrates my every little success and she rejoyces when I'm happy! Sylvia has always been my #1 fan and supporter, and now I'm going to unveil the "secret" of my art name Annuk for the first time ever! Annuk is the lovely and loving nickname Sylvia has always called me... and I decided to make it my art name in her honor, because she has always been the greatest supporter of my art! I always joked with her telling her that when I'm famous, I'll explain the reason for my "brand name"... Well, I'm not famous yet :))) but I want to share this lovely little "secret" with my creative friends!
This is my little Easter gift to her. Thank you my sweetest soul sister, without you I wouldn't be here.
Ti voglio bene Cuci.

Sylvia & Annuk

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