Friday, November 26, 2010

Experimental Jewelry: HAGARAE

I love experimental and unconventional jewelry! I've started a series in which I'm featuring jewelry artists who work with unconventional materials and techniques, and who see a ring or a pendant as a canvas to express their art and creativity.

In my quest for jewelry artists who work with unconventional materials and techniques, I've come across a jewelry designer from Israel, who creates amazing jewelry using reclaimed fibers and textiles. I fell in love with her colorful and really unique creations, and when I discovered the story behind them I was hooked! Hagar's creations remind me of faraway places, of Oriental treasures and of caravans traveling the Silk Road... Hagar's colorful shop is called Gilgulim and you can find it on Etsy as Hagarae.
This is how Hagar describes her work: "My textiles collection is my treasure. It is there that everything begins. Each new jewelry is a journey by itself. Textiles bring with them a long thread of cultures, history, traditions and sometime represent a gender (men's neckties for example). I take this raw material out of its context and mix it with other materials in order to create a new item that has its own life and design language. Every jewelry is unique and different. All the reclaimed materials are thoroughly washed, cut according to the design, folded and ironed, cropped and only then hand rolled/folded and stitched into a bead, no glue is used. The final product is light, soft and has a very nice touch to it".
You can find Hagar's colorful and unique jewelry in her Etsy shop Hagarae.

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