Friday, April 8, 2011


This is Theo, my mom's new kitten. Well, he is already a "big kitten" now, he is about 7 and a half-8 months old now. My mother adopted him at the beginning of November, when he was about 2 and a half months old. My brother had found the tiny kitten crying under a car in the village where he lives: it is a rural village, with plenty of farms... and where there are farms there are plenty of cats, not always taken care of, let alone neutered. The kitten had obviously lost his mom: as the shop owners close to where my brother and his wife had found him told them, he had been there all day and crying all day. My brother took him home, but he already has 6 cats... and my mother was looking for a new kitten! So she was happy to adopt him!
Theo is a very lively, active and playful kitten, he's full of energy and never standing still... an energy bundle who's always on the move! And a little mischievous too :)... he likes to jump on his older sister Lilli while she's asleep, to play with her! Lilli and Tommi (3 years old) were very upset the first few days when the new kitten arrived... lots of hissing and growling... but after a short time they all got a happy and loving family!
Here he is with his "big sister" Lilli:

... and with his "big brother" Tommi:

Aren't they just TOOOO sweet? And here are the two sweet siblings Lilli and Tommi -- how they often sleep... hugging eachother in my mom's armchair. Pure bliss!

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