Friday, May 6, 2011


I made two boxes for my rings and they turned out really nice, I'm very happy with them! This is a great way to store and show rings, great for traveling and as displays for fairs, shows etc. The great thing is you don't spend a fortune on them, and they look MUCH nicer and personalized than commercial boxes -- which by the way are usually designed for very small rings, thus not suited for large rings like the ones I make.
The boxes I used were stationery cardboard boxes, but virtually any box would be suited, provided it's deep enough to hold your rings. Apart from this, the only materials you're going to need are some recycled/reclaimed fabric (black or white work best) and foam (I got that for free too).
I followed the suggestions I found online and personalized them my own way... I really liked Popko's tutorial.

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