Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sometimes you can find really great things at flea markets, second-hand shops and thrift stores... On Sunday I visited a country thrift store, and I was immediately drawn by a colorful necklace and bracelet made with wonderful terracotta beads. The beads are irregular in shape and clearly handmade, in some points you can still see the artisan's fingerprints.

The beads are glazed in bright colors that immediately caught my eye! Look at these reds... and yellows... and greens... The glaze has a light crackled effect, which I love. The rondelle beads are glazed in yellow, red and green, while the barrel beads are glazed in white and blue. I especially love the white-and-blue beads, they are little works of art!

I'm going to use the beads for some new project, of course!

And by the way... these beads came a long way: the closures of the necklace and bracelet show an inprint saying "Cuba". This sure explains the bright, happy colors of these beads! Cheerful Caribbean colors...
A daiquiri, anyone? :)

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