Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting ready for my jewelry exhibition on SYMI!

I'm really excited, I'm going to have a jewelry show on the beautiful island of SYMI this coming Monday! Symi is an enchanting little island just a few miles off the Turkish coast of Anatolia and quite close to Rhodes too (50 minutes by speed boat). Time seems to stand still here, as mass tourism has never arrived and never will. Wonderful neoclassical houses line the main town's natural harbour, and the white-washed alleys and stairs leading up the hills are just dreamy.

The Olive Tree, a lovely cafe on Symi, is going to host my jewelry show, and I'm so excited and thrilled! The Olive Tree is a lovely location in the upper village (Chorio), and it's really more-than-just-a-cafe, as Jenine and Tina offer so much more than lovely drinks and food! They host lots of interesting events, they organize walking tours and even art classes. So this is a great location for my show!

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