Sunday, July 17, 2011


ETSY LUSH is a showcase for "The Best of Etsy", a kind of Etsy-de-luxe... Submission is juried and criteria as to what is accepted are very strict.  ‘Items with no creative integrity’ - which means "items that have been made using mass produced components that have been put together without showing any special skills" - are not accepted. Criteria are particularly strict when it comes to jewelry: "Due to high volumes of jewelry submissions we are extremely strict as to what is approved. The main components must be handmade BY YOU and show a special skill like lampwork, wirework, metal-smithing, ceramics etc. We will not permit items assembled with purchased components, even if those are handmade by someone else. We will check shops and if your items do not fit the criteria, your permission to use will be stopped without further notice or explanation".
So I was incredibly happy and delighted when my Aegean Sunset handpainted ring was published in the gallery of Etsy Lush! :)

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