Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's online! My newly founded GREEK ISLAND LOVERS TEAM on Etsy! I wanted to give lovers of the Greek Islands and Greece in general an opportunity ro meet and share experiences and inspiration! 

This Team is open to all Greek-Island lovers and lovers of Greece!
Do you love the Greek Islands? Has your last trip left you longing and dreaming about your next one? Do you keep dreaming about that gorgeous blue blue sea? Are you one of those people who have fallen in love with one specific island and are going back each and every year? Have you fallen ill with “islomania” like Lawrence Durrell did? Are you looking for a way to be in touch with Greek artists and crafters? Or are just dreaming about your first trip to Greece?
Then this is the Team for you! WELCOME! We want to hear from you and share experiences and inspiration!

The main aims of this Team are:
1. Gathering lovers of the Greek Islands and chatting about our favourite island(s), sharing experiences and inspiration, and dreaming about our next trips;
2. Creating a contact between the international Greece-lovers community and Greek artists and crafters.

This is intended as a little “sister” of my beloved Etsy Greek Street Team (EGST), of which I am a proud member.

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