Monday, September 19, 2011

CREATIVE CORNER: Wooden Jewelry Display Box

I had bought this beautiful wooden box some time ago, knowing it would make a perfect box for storing and/or displaying my jewelry.

I love making my own jewelry boxes and displays! I mostly make rings and I already have some nice selfmade ring boxes (which even followed me to Rhodes!), but with the Turin Handmade event getting closer, I thought about a solution for my earrings and some of my pendants. First of all I lined the inner base with foam.

Then I covered the foam with black fabric.

For the earrings I found a simple solution: I cut cardboard so as to fit the inside of the lid, making sure to leave some extra surface to bend so as to keep the earring holder lifted from the lid. This takes some "engineering" but it was not so hard, I just measured the inner dimensions of the box carefully.

I pierced the cardboard for the earrings...

And here is my completed jewelry display box! Since all the elements can be taken out, it's still possible to change the "inner life" of the box to fit different occasions!

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