Thursday, September 15, 2011

FAVORITE BOOKS: Doors, Cats and Windows

I love this tiny little photographic book! It was a present from my sweet cousin Sylvia. She told me she had found it in a lovely bookshop close to the ruins of ancient Olympia, in Greece... and that she had immediately thought about me and that it was made for me! It is truly "made for me"... this booklet shows dreamy images of - as the title says - Doors, Cats and Wondows. And not "just some" doors, cats and windows! All the photos were taken in Greece by photographer Pierre Putelat. It's amazing and incredible how these themes so dear to my heart are enclosed in just one small booklet! I love cats, I love the dreamy blue doors and windows of the Greek islands, and I love Greece!

It is a tiny, moving booklet full of poetry and magic, and it touches my heart every time I get lost in these blues, in these wonderful little corners that are so dear to my heart! Is it magic? Yes, it is. Sylvia can always do that.

Can you tell that it's a great source of inspiration for me??? Oh I can get into the images and just dream away... and be in that dreamy whitewashed alley, or look into that window with blue shutters, and open that blue door onto an enchanted garden, and pet that sweet kitty dozing in the shade...

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