Saturday, December 3, 2011

CREATIVE CORNER: Creative Glueing with a Hot Glue Gun

I finally got myself a hot glue gun after reading about its many creative uses in arting and crafting. Hot glue guns are very useful when it comes to joining parts or materials that are very uneven in shape and/or texture, and in cases where a regular glue -even the strongest, industrial heavy-duty glues- wouldn't work. I found out it's easy to use (you just need to be super careful, because it gets very HOT! No kids or pets around while you're working!) and it can do precision work too.

Do you remember the wonderful shell flower embellishment adorning my gift package containing the beautiful oya scarf I received from Turkey? It would have been impossible to join the parts with regular glues, as the surface of the single parts is very uneven and the shapes don't allow enough surface for regular glues to stick the parts together securely.

Hot glue hardens into a firm plastic-like mass which provides a secure way to keep the parts together, forming the "missing material" between uneven surfaces while bonding them together in a strong, lasting way. I'm very pleased!

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