Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Photo October 2011

Can you see that beautiful coast? That's the coast of Anatolia seen from my beloved Rhodes! Both coasts are united by one sea: the wonderful, amazing, mesmerizing, enchanting Aegean Sea. On clear winter days, you can almost touch the Turkish coast -- it's that close.
On that other shore two lovely ladies -mother and daughter- create wonderful jewelry inspired by the sea and often using treasures from the sea as the focal pieces for their creations. These two talented ladies are Esther and Estella, and their wonderful enterprise is called Star of the East.

Photo December 31, 2008

A few weeks back I was the lucky giveaway winner of a wonderful traditional oya scarf Esther and Estella had purchased at the local market, and I turned the enchanting ornament they used to embellish my gift into a stunning ring! Estella told me these limpet shells are actually found treasures they have collected on that shore! So this ring is even more precious to me... I am wearing a piece of my beloved Aegean Sea on my hand.
Thank you again, Esther and Estella. One Sea one Love.

Would you like to admire some stunning jewelry created by these talented ladies with treasures from the sea? You can ooooh and aaaah here!

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