Monday, April 23, 2012

KITTY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZOE is pleased to invite all kitty friends to her BLOG PARTY! 

To join our party, please send us a photo of your cat with his/her name, and let us know if he/she is a boy or a girl! Optional: you can add a short (or long, if you wish!) text about your kitty, and we will be happy to publish that too!
If you have more than one cat, please email us a photo for each kitty! And don't forget to include their names (+boy/girl info), and any other info you may wish to add -- and of course, if you like, a text about each of your fluffy babies!

• Email us at 

We are looking forward to seeing you here!!!! And Zoe is looking forward to meeting lots of new friends!!!!
Lots of treats, toys and goodies for everybody, of course! :)

*** Oh, and there is NO deadline to join our party!!!!! Guests are ALWAYS welcome!!!!!!!!!!! ***
We are awaiting your little darlings with open arms! :)

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