Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Zoe is excited to announce that her first guests have arrived at her kitty party! :) Thank you for being here, sweet friends!!!!!!!

- Buttonwillow -

We have a beautiful lady from Oregon, US! Isn't she just adorable??? Buttonwillow is very busy these days as Chief Studio Assistant for Susan Faye World Headquarters in McMinnville, Oregon, USA, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can find out more about her at 365 Cat Ladies and Friends, Susan's lovely blog about her art and her adorable furry assistant.

- Luna -

Sweet Luna is joining us from Israel! She is pretending to be asleep so as to look at the other party guests from her lovely, cozy place! This lovely lady is 12, her Mom Yael tells us her lovely story: "One day my son came home and said to me: Open your hands mom! I did, and he put this tiny tricolor into my palms! While sitting with his girlfriend in a cafe named Luna this kitty came to them crying - there was no mama in sight, so they took it and brought it home - hence her name Luna! She is very kind, VERY kind indeed and so lovely!!!". You can visit her and her Mom Yael on her great blog.

- Golda -

Luna took along her lovely sister Golda, who is a very lucky girl as she was rescued from the desert. This lively girl from Israel is really hard to photograph, as her mom Yael tells us, "because she always moves. We have a large olive tree on the left of our living room window - she climbs up there and jumps on the window sill - then she "screams" to get let in! She is ALWAYS hungry! She is the most interesting and independent cat I ever had - she is strong and fast - but very good natured too! Oh Goldie, how much we love you!!!".

- Mpempa -

Another calico girl! Adorable Mpempa joins us from Greece! Zoe is very happy to host a calico girl from her native country! Mpempa brought a photo of herself as a tiny baby with her, so as to explain her happy story better. Her Mommy Alexandra tells us that "Mpempa means baby girl in Greek. I found her abandoned on the steps of a house on 11th of July and she was about a day old. She became a member of our family and she is very energetic and playful!! When she wants to sleep, she comes into our hands and she's trying to suck our fingers, as babies have their pacifier.Now, she's nine months old and very very happy. So do we!!!!!!" 
What a happy, touching story!

And here is Marilia's adorable cat family, joining us from faraway Brazil!

- Nelson -

Handsome Nelson is 5 years old (25/09/2006) and he is from Porto Alegre, Brazil. His Mom Marilia tells us that Nelson "is the firstborn, the alpha cat of the house. The Lord of the cats in our home is very friendly, nosy, curious, glutton, fluffy and loves affection. He is not afraid of the visits and loves participating in all events from home".

- Bartolomeu -

Another handsome boy! Bartolomeu is 5 years old too (30/09/2006) and from Porto Alegre, Brazil. His Mom Marilia lets us know that Bartolomeu is a mixture of Siamese with domestic cat. "Very territorial with new cats. He is suspicious of the visits and does not like loud noise or meeting. He loves to be petted and be on your lap like a baby".

- Ebano -

Adorable Ébano is 5 years old too (25/12/2006) and like the rest of his furry family, he joins us from Porto Alegre, Brazil. His proud Mom tells us that "Ébano is a special cat, with only three legs. Very talkative, active, does everything the others do, very athletic. He just does not like to sit on your lap or suspended because he loses his balance. Very affectionate". And what a sweet face!

- Luan -

Another heartbreaker from Porto Alegre, Brazil! Sweet Luan is a young boy, not yet 2 years old (25/06/2010), and a British Shorthair. He "came from a cattery, having been sold and treated badly by his buyer. Very cute, quiet, active and curious. He looks like a bear so much cuteness". YES, he does!!! Zoe is very impressed by all these handsome boys from Brazil! :)

- Aimée -

What a sweet name for this sweet girl who joins our kitty party from Porto Alegre, Brazil! Aimée is 5 years old (20/12/2006), a British Shorthair and she "came from a cattery. She was used as a matrix and then retired, spayed and came to live with us. She looks like a bear too and she's so much cuteness and suspicious".
You can follow the life and adventures of these sweet kitties from Brazil on their Mom Marilia's lovely blog.

Thank you sweet Buttonwillow, Luna, GoldaMpempaNelson, BartolomeuÉbano, Luan and Aimée for joining Zoe's party!!!!!! We are so happy to see you here, and we hope you all enjoy the company! Please make yourselves comfortable and let's wait for other guests to come! :)

Any other sweet kitties who wish to join us can read here what they need to do! We are awaiting you!

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