Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My favorite artists: PIXEL WILD CHILD

It's always great to meet lovely artists on Etsy! Today I want to share a few of my favorite illustrations by Pixel Wild Child, who's one of my favorite Etsy artists! I really love ALL of her art, but here are some of my absolute favorites. I love the idea and message that stands behind many of her works. To me they are a hymn to life and joy, and a celebration of the beauty and strength in each woman!
The artist behind Pixel Wild Child is visual artist Cristina from Barcelona, who lives in Athens. She is a talented designer and illustrator who in her artwork is mostly inspired by female beauty and female behavior and concerns. These are a few illustrations that are particularly close to my heart and meaningful to me.

And I absolutely love Cristina's lovely character "Sleepless Sally" (is that ME??? :))). Cristina describes Sally as “a shy and not very social girl of unknown age. She is sensitive and also very creative. She wants to regain her ability to sleep and in her wild dreams she wishes to become a famous actress. Her lack of sleep makes her fantasize and daydream about herself in implausible situations. Summing up it can be said that she is an adorable creature.”

You can find Pixel Wild Child's great art in her Etsy shop. And you can find out more about her art and her colorful world in her lovely blog, it's really worth reading!

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