Monday, March 22, 2010


One of my latest passions in creating jewelry is to make painted rings on wood! I had five beautiful olive wood tiles from a French vintage bracelet and they were perfect for eye-catching handpainted rings! The four holes give them an original look, and the texture in the olive wood is so beautiful! I only painted the front of the pieces so as to show the natural beauty of the wood. I used acrylic paints and varnish, and I added copper sheet and aluminum sheet details to achieve a really unique look.
As so often in my work, I was inspired by the Greek Islands of the Aegean... And as I wrote in my shop description, "this is a tribute to my love for the Islands"!

The first three rings are inspired by hot summer days... Island Sun is my symbol and avatar, I really love it, and it's really a part of my heart!

Island Sun

Sun in My Heart 1

Sun in My Heart2

The next two rings were inspired by the colors of the Aegean Sea in wintertime...

Our 2 Moons

Silvery Sea

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