Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative Corner: MAKEOVER!

Does it ever happen to you that you really like what you created, but then you look at it after some time and you suddenly think you'd like it better with a slightly different touch? Well, that happens to me a lot! A small touch can change a piece almost completely as the final result is a different combination...
My TILOS SUN Ring has a focal piece that features a painted sun on a ceramic disk, topped by a blue glass cabochon. The former version of the ring had this focal piece set in crimpled copper sheet, but now looking at it I decided I wanted to have a blue "frame" to recall the color of the cabochon. So I took the copper sheet off and I painted the outer edge in blue.
I cannot say which ring is "better", I can only say the new version suits my present idea better!
This is the "old" TILOS SUN...

And here is the new one!

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