Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's been raining all day... I wanted to take pictures of my jewelry but the light was bad, and I don't like to use the flash light, I think it dulls and changes the colors. So I created a Treasury instead! And I dedicated it to one of my big loves... CATS!!! I chose great artwork by very talented artists from Europe and the U.S., and they all contributed to this lovely "SWEET KITTIES" Treasury! Aren't they all just soooo sweet???
My ZOE was really happy to be in such lovely and purring company!
Thank you to all the great artists who made this Treasury... purrrrrfect :)!

One of the wonderful kitties featured was this sweet fairy kitty by artist Kimba of Kimbas Critters, who specializes in lovely paintings of animals, mainly kitties! All of her art is wonderful and full of her love for our sweet furry friends, but this particular CUTE KITTY FAIRY Mixed Media Collage Card immediately captured my heart. It looks a lot like my beloved Zoe!

Later this evening I got very sad news from a friend who lives in Rhodes. A sweet furry friend has left this earth. Her name was JOLIE and she was a lovely, sweet cat with a strong personality, and she talked a lot too. She was really dear to my heart and these news have made me very sad. I had met Jolie as a kitten in the summer of 1998, on my second holiday on Rhodes. She has lived all of her life in a very beautiful old Turkish cemetery that is one of my favorite spots on Rhodes. It's a peaceful ancient place with old beautiful engraved tombstones under the shade of old magnificent eucaliptus trees. This place is really dear to my heart and in the summer it's so peaceful and you don't even feel the pulsating summer life going on not far from it outside this little garden of eden. A beautiful little mosque from ancient times and a graceful white minaret make it a really dreamy place full of poetry. Many lovely cats have chosen it as their home, and I love just sitting there and cuddling them... and of course bringing them some goodies! My friend Sirpa and other lovely people help the homeless cats living there. Jolie was one of them. She had been neutered and she got medical care when she needed it, and she lived a happy life... She was so special. She looked a lot like my sweet Zoe... but she had long hair.
The lovely Turkish Cemetery on Rhodes was my sweet Zoe's first home. I met her there in the summer of 2003... So that's one more reason why this little eden is so dear to me. My Zoe has sure met Jolie while she was living there!
Now I realize the Fairy Kitty is this little angel that I loved so dearly... JOLIE.
I want to dedicate my Kitty Treasury to her. Sweet little Angel.
I will post photos of Jolie and the lovely Turkish Cemetery soon...

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