Saturday, May 8, 2010

JOLIE, the Turkish Cemetery in Rhodes and ZOE

My dear friends, first of all thank you for all your wonderful thoughts and touching words! As I had promised in my previous post, here is a special post about JOLIE and the wonderful place she lived in... the magical old Turkish Cemetery.
The old Turkish Cemetery is a little Eden amidst the pulsating life of the city of Rhodes... a magical enchanted garden under old magnificent eucalyptus trees and one of my favorite spots on Rhodes.

As I wrote before, I met Jolie as a kitten in the summer of 1998, on my second trip to Rhodes... Here you can see her with her brothers and sisters and with her mom!

The next summer (1999) I met her as a mom with her kittens... That was before she was neutered.

Jolie was a sweet, lovely cat with a strong character and... she was a real princess!

As I wrote in my previous post, Jolie lived 12 happy years in the old Turkish Cemetry. She was the "symbol cat" of the cemetery and everybody knew and loved her! When I came into the cemetery I always called "Joliiiiie!" and she came running to me... she was so sweet and I will miss her so much. I can still hear her voice and see her walking on the cemetery external wall... The Turkish Cemetery won't be the same without her... My friend Sirpa takes care of this cat colony together with other lovely people, and in the summer tourists help too. This is Sirpa (she is from Finland and lives in Rhodes):

And this is me with Nerina!

One more sweet inhabitant of the Turkish Cemetery:

And... WHO is this??? Surprise!!! It's my sweet ZOE!!!!!
(summer 2003)

My sweet little angel JOLIE, play happy and free in the new garden of Eden you're in now... with your friends.

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