Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CREATIVE CORNER: a New Creation and a Sweet Kitty!

I've been working with copper sheet, copper wire, wood and jet stone. I love to combine materials, making such different natures meet... the softness of wood, the shimmer of copper, the hardness of stone. This is going to be a ring, inspired by a special island I've never been to yet... but this is still a surprise :)!

During today's photo session on my mom's windowsill (my favorite background for taking pictures of my jewelry, I love the look and feel of natural stone!) a special guest star joined me... maybe she thinks she's jewelry too :)! This is Lilli, my mom's 2-year-old kitty, she's a sweetheart! This lovely beauty was born with a little genetic problem, she cannot open her left eye completely, but she's a beauty all the same... and such a sweet little bijou!

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