Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I start working on a new ring I usually don't know how the final result is going to be, I just get inspired by the materials and I let them speak to me. As soon as I started working on this ring and I saw the materials meet and create a new "creature" (see the work in progress on my previous post), I knew how I was going to call it... FOLEGANDROS!
Folegandros (Φολέγανδρος) is a tiny Greek island of the Cyclades, still untouched by mass tourism and appreciated by lovers of peaceful and genuine places. My cousin and best friend Sylvia's heart has been deeply touched by this little jewel of only 32 sq. km, and her words about its simple, breathtaking, genuine, moving, somewhat harsh and in a way heartbreaking beauty have inspired this ring.
The hardness of the black jet stone (a petrified wood) is for the harsh beauty of the island, the shimmering copper is for the blazing sun that makes it shimmer in the Aegean Sea, the softness of the simple, untreated wood stands for the genuine and soft, almost naive heart of this little jewel of the Aegean Sea. I hope I could capture the nature of Folegandros with an elegant yet simple ring.
An important detail: when I started working on this ring I had only seen a few aerial views of the island, what guided me was not its actual physical appearance, but so much more the feelings that Sylvia's words conveyed to me. This ring is dedicated to you, my dear Sylvia!

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