Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Will They Be?

The light is really bad these days (I'm glad I don't have to take pictures for my Etsy shop!)... but I really wanted to show you my work in progress! I've tried to show the shimmer in the turquoise insert, hope you can see it! Well, what I did was conditioning and mixing polymer clay in royal blue, white (translucent and opaque) and turquoise, then filling the off-center holes of the wooden disks. Before baking I added a touch of glitter to bring out the color with some glimmer: just think how it will pop on a sunny day!
What will they be? Rings! And of course I'm going to keep one for me :)!
What do you think? Should I leave them like this, simple and minimalistic, or add some extra touch? I think this touch of color highlights the wonderful structure of the wood without covering and hiding it, what do you think? I think the end result is a gorgeous mix between Northern clear lines and Mediterranean color!

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