Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lovely Colorful Felted Hairclips from Lithuania!

Yesterday a lovely package from Lithuania came in the mail... It's the beautiful hairclips I won from Audrone's giveaway! This is the first time ever I'm the lucky winner of a giveaway! :)
I must admit that I'm very picky when it comes to entering giveaways... I don't just say "ok, it's free, let's try it"... I only enter a giveaway when I really love the prize and I'm sure I would love to wear it myself! :)

And these hairclips were just SO beautiful, colorful and happy!!! And so ME!!! I could really imagine them in my hair and completing my colorful outfits...

And now I'm their lucky owner! :) THANK YOU AUDRONE!!!!!

I love felt and the lovely happy colors of felted objects, and I love the way Audrone turns felt into colorful, happy forms! Please take a look at her shop Storm's Handicrafts, it's really worth it!

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