Monday, October 3, 2011


I had a great time at TURIN HANDMADE! I met lovely artists and artisans from my area, and we had a great time!
Our exhibition took place in a beautiful dressmaker's workshop located in an ancient courtyard in the heart of Turin.

It was a glorious Indian Summer day, so we even had some booths outside (MireLoom, ixela and L'Officina were exposing their work there), while the rest of us artistically "took over" the workshop, generously offered by Loredana and Roberta of Satyrikon Lab.

We even had a lovely buffet outside, with homemade goodies and drinks! :)

What I always love so much is when people ask about the inspiration behind my creations, the materials I use and the creative process, and I get an opportunity to talk about what I deeply love! Because my art is so interwined with my life and the things I love, and my art is such an important part of my life!

Photo by Marzia Schiavolin

Photo by Marzia Schiavolin

Exposing at Turin Handmade:
Alt Design (jewelry, accessories)
Annuk Creations (jewelry)
Ferrarel (paper art)
Gufobardo (paper art, digital art)
ixela (knitting, crochet & jewelry)
Le follie di Marzia (jewelry)
L'Officina (ceramic jewelry & home decor)
MireLoom (handwoven shawls, scarves, bags)
Sarabergando (eco-friendly and repurposed accessories)
Satyrikon (photography & paper art)
Satyrikon Lab (paper and fabric art)
The Witch Emporium (candles & magic)

Thank you MadeInItaly Team on Etsy and Roberta & Loredana for organizing this great event! :)

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