Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A few days ago I received a package from Turkey... from a small town just across the sound of Aegean Sea which separates Rhodes from Turkey. I had eagerly been awaiting it, because I knew how gorgeous my new treasure would be! About two weeks ago I was the lucky winner in Estella's giveaway on her blog Star of the East. The giveaway prize was a wonderful hand crocheted traditional oya!

Photo by Star of the East

Oyas (needle lace and crochetted lace) are a traditional Turkish handicraft that is still accomplished with loving work and skill. Esther and Estella say: "We've known this 'auntie' as long as we live here and she hasn't changed at all in fifteen years. She wears the traditional şalvar and headdress of the region and her hands are hennaed. She has a small stand at the market where she sells her oyas. While she waits for customers she keeps working at them. Handmade at its best!"

As a lover of all things handmade, and in particular of traditional handicrafts, I was thrilled!
And when I opened my package what was my surprise when I found a wonderfully and lovingly packaged gift! How beautiful even the shell flower embellishment is!
Thank you so much, dear Esther and Estella, this is a wonderful piece of traditional art that I am going to cherish and wear with lots of joy! :)

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