Monday, November 28, 2011

Greek Island Lovers Team Challenge: AND THE WINNER IS.....

My dear Greek Island Lovers, thank you so much for taking part in our first challenge! The theme was "My Favorite Island", and the entries were all amazing and expressed the theme in wonderful and creative ways... through shapes, suggestions and especially colors. You can see them all here!
It was really a hard task to choose only one "winner", so I would like to tell you that you are all WINNERS because each one of you expressed her love for her favorite island through ART!

But I have a lovely collaborator in this hard task... my lovely cousin Sylvia, who is a true Greek Island Lover! Sylvia says:
"First of all I want to thank Anna for choosing me as the external judge to her first Greek Island Lovers Team Challenge... My Favourite Island!
I am a Greek Island lover myself... so it was a honor but believe me it was a very hard task!!
All the works are beautiful and creative and each expresses so well the image of an idylliac Greek Island.
BUT....the one that touched my heart the most was Tatiana's from ILa Boom.
I am a Cyclades lover and that cubic whitewashed little house with faded blue windows... on the bare ground (the big stone was a great idea) and the bare tree... and the paper waves of a rough winter sea... reminded me of the total beauty and peace of a Greek island in the off season!
Brava Tatiana! You could really translate this concept in a little art piece. That is why I chose your creation!

Tatiana will have the honor to choose our next Challenge Theme and to post a guest post about her little dreamy island Antiparos on my blog whenever she wants!
And again, from me too... THANK YOU ALL!

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