Monday, November 14, 2011


The first Greek Island Lovers Team Challenge is up and running!
As this is our first Challenge, the theme is easy: MY FAVORITE ISLAND. This makes for a lot of possible variations!
In the future we’ll have more specific challenge themes – for example the Aegean Sea, a specific color or feature of the Greek Islands, a specific island etc.

These are the rules for Team members for entering the challenge:
- It would be nice if you created a new item for this challenge, but if you don’t have time and/or you already have an item in your Etsy shop that fits the theme, it’s ok too!
- Convo me with the link to your listing;
- When you convo me with the link to your listing, please answer this question:
 In which way does this item express the theme “My favourite island”? (for example: colors, shape, materials, memories, etc)
- Last day for entering the challenge is Sunday, 27 November 2011.
I will post the Challenge entries under this post, and the entries will be juried by an external, non-member Greek Island Lover, who will pick the winner. The winner will be announced on both my blog and our Team thread.
Thank you and I hope to get lots of beautiful entries!!!
Happy creating!


We have our first entry!

Ilse from soulmadeshop2 says: "My favorite island is Crete, the island I live on, I love that you can walk between the olive groves, go up in the mountains and have the sea just there but if you need a shot of city life and some action there's all you need in Heraklion. So what more can you wish for?
I chose to make a necklace with olives because for me Crete and olivetrees go together, I love to cycle or walk between the olivegroves, it always relaxes me."

Two entries inspired by the beauty of Santorini!

Myartspace says: "I am in love with the Sea, Sunset and I could daydream forever in a location as this!"

Su from SuSebghatiArts says: "My favorite island is Santorini/Thira. I love the dramatic landscape and the architecture. I've been going to Santorini for nearly 20 years."

Inspired by the Sea:

Elisa from Pesky Cat Designs says: "One of my favorite Greek islands is Anafi. I have a dear friend who is Greek and lives in Athens. She often vacations in Anafi and one year she invited me to come along. It's a very peaceful and quiet island with only a few restaurants and places to stay. I had such a relaxing and wonderful time there. My Harris Tweed bag is inspired by the various tones of blue of the sea, a wave and a sand dollar found on the beach."

Again inspired by Santorini:

Evy from SunSan says: "this is a pendant featuring the map of Santorini , the island I have decide to live, dream and create..."

Gerlinde from Lintschi says: "My bag expresses the theme 'My Favorite Island' through its colors!"

Tatiana from ILaBoom says: "This creation is devoted to my favorite island, the island I live, Antiparos. An alternative small rock in the aegean sea with white houses and a lot of sun."

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