Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ANTIPAROS, A Little Gem of the Cyclades

Tatiana is a lovely person and a talented artist who has chosen the magical, little island of ANTIPAROS as her permanent home. Tatiana, whose wonderful and inspired work you can find in her Etsy shop ILaBoom, was the winner of the first Greek Island Lovers Team Challenge. The theme was "My Favorite Island", and of course Tatiana chose Antiparos as the inspiration for her entry! 

Here Tatiana tells us a little about her lovely Island Αντίπαρος, in both words and wonderful images.
Welcome Tatiana! :)

Hello world! This is Tatiana from ILaBoom residing in a cycladic island, Antiparos. First of all I would like to thank Anna for the honor of hosting my post in her lovely blog. I know how much she loves Greek islands and she shows it in every way she can :)
I am here to tell you a few things about my island, my world

First time I put my foot on Antiparos was several years ago, just for a quick visit, only for a few hours. From the first minute I walked on the main street I felt like I was in the most well hidden shelter on earth. An incredible sense that all of a sudden lead me several years later on holidays once again, with my future husband to be.

We visited Antiparos in any chance, as often as we could. We got married here and after six months we moved permanently. We both know that this island was our destination.

I love this island, I love its nature, its seas, the village, the animals around, I enjoy long walks, the sunset, the air. Here I have the opportunity to enjoy all the seasons, one following another, the wild and cold winter, lovely spring were everything goes green, amazing summer with all the starry nights and hot lazy days and fantastic autumn where everything calms down.

Most amazing thing for me is that I will have the chance to bring to the world a new life in autumn that I so hope to love this place as much as I do :)

Oh I'm sure that tiny new life will love this little unspoilt paradise as much as you do, Tatiana! :)
My heartfelt congratulations, and thank you for sharing your world, your little safe haven with us in such touching images and words. You made us feel like we were there... Enjoy your little island paradise! :)

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