Saturday, March 3, 2012

Greek Island Lovers Team Challenge: AND THE WINNER IS.....

My dear Greek Island Lovers, thank you so much for taking part in our challenge! The theme was "Summer Sunset", and the entries were all amazing and expressed the theme in wonderful and creative ways... through shapes, suggestions and of course especially colors. You can see them all here!
It was really a hard task to choose only one "winner", so I would like to tell you that you are all WINNERS because each one of you expressed his/her inspiration through ART!

But I have a lovely collaborator in this hard task... my lovely cousin Sylvia, who is a true Greek Island Lover! Sylvia says: “Geia sas se olous kai oles, I feel very honored for being the judge of such an amazing Challenge! Trust me, it was really difficult to choose, as each of you is so talented and expressed the theme in such a personal and beautiful way.
Ok… *deep breath*… drum rolls… And the winner is… Antonella of LaPerLaA with her Mermaid Tears – Sunset!
Looking at Antonella’s artwork brought me back to 2008, when I was in Symi with my daughter and my dearest cousin Annuk. At sunset, the three of us were sitting at a sea-front kafeneio, peacefully sipping our frappe. The sea was calm and the light was soft and golden… and we felt so relaxed and so happy to be there. Antonella’s photo of her work brought back that dreamy atmosphere and that unforgettable Symi sunset.”

Antonella will have the honor to choose our next Challenge Theme and to post a guest post about her favorite Greek Island on my blog whenever she wants!
And again, from me too... THANK YOU ALL!

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