Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I fell in love with these little beauties as soon as I saw them... I could see the Aegean Sea in them, an Island, the Greek sky... and I felt they were made especially for me! Now I have them in my hand... they are little ceramic cabochons made into magnets, and they are the work of a talented Greek ceramic artist who is currently based in Germany, Stavroula of Werkstaat.

The glazing is amazing and it reminds me of the colors of a lagoon... or a secluded bay with shallow crystal clear water... They could well be stunning rings too -- I will for sure keep an eye on Stavroula's work! :)

Did I make you a tiny bit jealous? Well, just whoosh over to Stavroula's shop Werkstaat and you can be the lucky owner of similar beauties too! :)

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