Monday, February 20, 2012


Theo is a lovely, "crazy" boy... He is one year and a half old, and he almost never stands still. He plays, jumps, runs in the most funny ways. And when he sleeps, he does that in the most curious, funniest positions!

Here he is sleeping in one of his favorite positions...

And often he likes to join Lilli (the black beauty you see with him) in the basket...

Aren't they just soooo sweet??? Lilli is 3 years and a half old, and she is the sweetest kitty! She loves her twin brother Tommi too (see her cuddling up with him here and here!). She has an eye that she cannot completely open (on photos it looks closed, but it isn't, she can see), it's a little problem she has since her birth, but she's so beautiful all the same! A little soft princess... and as you can see, Theo enjoys her company very much!

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