Friday, April 12, 2013


There is a place in Rhodes which is really dear to my heart... It is the old Turkish Cemetery. A place of incredible beauty and peace, which I have always loved and which is even more special because it was my Zoe's first home. It's a peaceful ancient place with old beautiful engraved tombstones under the shade of old magnificent eucaliptus trees. This place is really dear to my heart and it's so peaceful and you don't even feel the pulsating life going on not far from it outside this little garden of eden. A beautiful little mosque from ancient times and a graceful white minaret make it a really dreamy place full of poetry. Many lovely cats have chosen it as their home, and I love just sitting there and cuddling them... and of course bringing them some goodies! My friend Sirpa and other lovely people help the homeless cats living there. I love coming back from year to year, and recognizing my furry friends... My sweet furry friend Jolie lived here too.

Now, in the spring, it is literally strewn with lovely flowers...

Can you spot the kitty among the poppies in the image above? :)

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