Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2013:

We started the day with breakfast out (sans Jacob who spent the night at his grandma's). As we waited outside for our table Ryan served as entertainment. We chased him around the parking lot as he threw rocks in every direction. He hit one good-natured patron. She just laughed and commented on his throwing arm. When he wasn't walking like a drunken man, Ryan was scooting on lift left leg which drew many chuckles and comments from other patrons. As he scooted around on one leg throwing rocks, everyone decided he would grow up to be a catcher.

Ryan with his incredible dad
(also pictured: special blanky)

Breakfast was pretty good. Ryan shattered a plate on the floor of the restaurant. (One broken plate in four years of eating out with children is a pretty good track record, yes?) He threw scrambled eggs at the people who walked by our table. As each hunk of egg found its target he screeched, UH-OH!" and smiled his wide, uninhibited, drunken-man grin. Once Ryan discovered that our table was wobbly, he spent the good portion of our breakfast jumping up and down on the table, shaking it enthusiastically.

The fifteen month old girl at the table next to us sat quietly throughout her entire meal, daintily putting one raisin in her mouth at a time. Recognizing his foil, Ryan took a fistful of gooey eggs and threw them in her direction. Ahhh, children and brunch. We refuse to NOT go out to eat just because our children are devilspawn. I'm sure that the childless people who eat all their meals at restaurants hate our guts. We like to fool ourselves into thinking that we are on a missing to teach the world (or at least restaurant-goers) lessons in tolerance.

When I asked my husband what he wanted for Father's Day, he gave me this list: leaf blower, socks, or underwear. So he got a leaf blower which will arrive in 3-5 business days. (I don't know why he wants a leaf blower when our yard has no trees and is the size of a luxury sandbox). Maybe I can use it for dusting?

In addition to the leaf-blower, I put together Father's Day "buckets" for my husband, my dad, and my father-in-law. I found buckets at the drug store and filled them with all kinds of goodies including four different types of craft beers, peanuts, cigars (my dad), candy, and other little goodies. And when the goodies are gone, they have a practical bucket. Who doesn't need an extra bucket? We also gave all the fathers some obligatory, cheesy Father's Day bling:

Stepping stones

I am now six stepping stones more skilled at concrete work than I was last week.

We spent some quality time with all the fathers. We are so lucky to live within 30 minutes from each set of grandparents. And then came home and finished up our long list of chores.

Hanging out on my parents' deck.
This is just a small portion of their 180 degree water view.

While folding the kids' laundry, I spied something unusual.

Yes. It's a snail. Not just a snail SHELL but an actual snail. I assume it went through the wash in one of Jacob's pants. At least it's clean? Horderves anyone?

(P.S. you don't want to know my first guess at spelling the word horderves, I'm such a horrible Food Network fan.)

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