Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Relax!!!!

Ι am really tired lately and very stressed. You know that feeling, stress and anxious without any obvious reason? That feeling exactly. Too much work at the office, too many things to do at home and at the same time I do try to have quality time with my daughter. Make things that will make her enjoy herself and smile. I know it is really hard to succeed it with such a mood and that many other moms feel  exactly the same, but lately I had too many thoughts in my head that I couldn't do anything right for her. Just being there and do nothing is awful. Not because I do not want, but because I am so tired…so tired…

So yesterday I have decided to change that. I went back home and did nothing, nothing at all. Yeap, my house was a really messy one, with dirty dishes and no food for the next day and many cloths that should be ironed. It was the very first time that I left it as it was and I decided to just sit down and draw with my princess or make small creations and most of all to get dirty. So what? This was the greatest memory I have from this week.

So we stayed at our balcony, we had a glass of cold juice and we spent all the afternoon to look after our plants, to draw sea rocks, to craft small paper ships.

And you know what? I was so relaxed that for the first time I realized how many beautiful small plants we have and what great fun we can have by getting dirty!

I wish you a beautiful day full of smiles and full of dirt!!!! 

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