Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Loula ... the crochet lady!!!!

Hello my beloved friends!!!!

 What I love in etsy, is that you can admire the creations and art from fellow artists, most of them just following their hobby. I adore to find more items with a different technique, so my latest detections are the crochet jewelry! Yea… I know… you know them already! I didn't  But I was even more lucky because I have not only discovered them , but to meet a wonderful person behind them. A lady from a Greek island, a very polite person, a very talented lady and great artist. And when I say very talented… wow just adore her creations! From bags to invitations, from jewelry to hats! All of them really cute and really unique!

Crochet Necklace

We are not living with her in the same place, but I truly believe that if we were then we could be great friends, closed friends!

Please let me introduce you Loula from Loulalalou!!!



My name is Loula and I live in Syros, an island in Greece with my husband and my daughter! I feel so lucky living in a such a beautiful place!         

Bird brooch from fabric

Since I was a kid, I remember my mother crocheting, knitting, sewing  and me firstly playing with her threads, yarns and supplies and then learning from her the way to make my own projects. She is not here anymore, but  when I use some of her tools I feel her next to me.

Crochet coaster set

That's how I started to create things myself too!And still now...I  feel the same thing, as I was a child! I play !

Bamboo handle bag Handbag 

With threads, fabrics, yarns, paper, and whatever material inspires me with its color or texture, I try to find the next thing to create! Creating makes me happier!

crochet jewelry in navy blue with fish

 I  use different techniques and materials to make modern and contemporary jewelry , accessories ,bags , hats , house wares, invitations...I can't say what I prefer more!

Baby shower Invitation

My sister told me about “etsy” and encouraged me to open  my own shop. I followed her advice, I did it and really enjoy it since then! I love my shop and since I opened it, I discovered new things and new possibilities ! 

jewelry in khaki with flower and leaf

I became more creative and experienced in new techniques !

Handabag with stripes in blue-black 

 Met people with same interests and it is really emotional the way they helped me all this time!


Loula was really kind to offer a gift from her collection to one lucky lady.....a beautiful crochet bracelet from Loulalalou collection!!!!

In order to have the chance to win and choose by yourself your favorite bracelet, just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries. 

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