Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Sweet Surprise from my Beloved Greece: THANK YOU SIVYLLA :)!!!!!

There are people who really know how to warm your heart... and my friend Sivylla definitely is one of them! I met her through the Etsy Greek Team, and she has always made me feel at home in the Greek community on Etsy -- exactly like when I'm in my beloved Greece! She thanked me for my support to the Greek community while actually I was getting SO much support from them! Well, Sivylla is one of those sweet lovely persons who can really make your day! And she DID -- oh, and HOW she did!!!
She sent me a lovely surprise gift package, it was such a pleasure just looking at it! Everything is so nicely and lovingly packaged... and I can really see how professionally she works! Here is what she wrote to me: "Because I know you love Greece so much, I'm sending you some pebbles from my collection, so you'll feel more close to us :)". How sweet is that?
The pebbles from my beloved Greece are so beautiful and made round and smooth by the sea, and the two little "cat's eye" sea shells... OMG, they're just amazing - I HAVE to make something out of them! A pair of earrings, maybe?

Ευχαριστώ πολύ Sivylla μου!

Sivylla is a talented jewelry designer and she creates happy and colorful jewelry, as well as wonderful Greek leather sandals ("santalia") turned into pieces of art, that you can find in her Etsy shop Sivylla. She also creates beautiful paper art that you can find in her Etsy shop Paper Fairytale. Do visit both of them, you'll be enchanted!

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