Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cousins by Chance!

My dear readers, you all know I have a sweet, soft kitty girl I adore. And some of you know I have a Special Someone in my life. But there is another special person who makes my life so much brighter every day. She is my Best Friend, my Soul Sister and Sister Soul, my mentor, my number one fan and supporter, she's the one who has called me Annuk all my life and to whom I dedicated my "artist name", she's a woman I admire and I'm inspired by, a wonderful mom, a free spirit, a traveler, a passionate photographer, she makes me laugh, she always believes in me (even when I don't), she is always there for me, she is my "safe haven" in the sometimes scary Ocean of life, she is... well, she is Sylvia. Oh, and by the way, she's my cousin -- but we always say that we are "cousins by chance, best friends by choice"!
We have gone through so many things together, we've shared joy and pain, and we have always found positive ways to help and support eachother. We love chatting and laughing into the wee hours of the night, already in our pajamas and eating soya dessert... we love daydreaming... we love eating pizza at home (can't wait to eat your yoummy pizza again!)... we love singing and dancing watching Greek music videos... we both love the Islands... we love thinking Positive and seeing the Beauty of Life... we love all living creatures... we eat the same things both being veggies... we cry together watching romantic movies... and we have LOADS of fun together!!!!! In my right bar I wrote that this blog is about my sources of inspiration: Sylvia is truly one of them! Sylvia mou, are you ready for my next visit??? :)))

This is Sylvia holding me in her arms when I was a little baby...

Thank you for being there, my sweet Sylvia... and for being the wonderful person and friend you are, and the lovely free soul you are.
GRAZIE Cuccimou, ti voglio tanto bene!!!

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