Monday, January 3, 2011


I created some new Island-inspired rings! They are meant to be mini "wearable islands"... And even if my beloved one says they remind him of the Flintstones or of cakes (he says that very lovingly of course :)), I think I'm not going to call them "Bedrock Betty" - I'll probably call them "Island On My Finger"...
Each of these rings features three distinct elements, which I have assembled with copper wire and which have a special symbolic meaning: white polymer clay, copper and a real turquoise bead. I have shaped and textured the polymer clay entirely by hand, giving it the look and feel of ceramic: this element stands for the whitewashed, blinding walls, houses and villages of the Aegean. The copper sheet, equally shaped and textured by hand, symbolizes the ever shining bright sun of the Islands. And the turquoise is for that wonderful, mesmerizing sky, for that breathtaking crystal-clear sea, and for those touches of blue you see everywhere in the Aegean. Each of the 3 elements revolves independently, free and linked together at the same time.

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