Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Finland with Love!

This is one of those wonderful stories that happen through Etsy... where in my first year I have met such wonderful people, amazing artists and lovely friends! My friend Jana from Finland belongs to all of these three groups! She is such a warm and lovely person, a talented jewelry artist and a sweet friend! And she is really generous! Well, I came across her blog recently, and this made me get to know her beautiful work better. I decided to follow her lovely blog and I fell in love with her amazing creations! What happened was that by chance I was Jana's #100 blog follower... She was so sweet to contact me - a total stranger at that time - and ask me if I would accept a gift she would create especially for me! Such a sweet, wonderful surprise!!!!! I was really touched by her warm offer, and after that I discovered a sweet, warmhearted girl whose beautiful inner world reflects in her passionate creations.
My special surprise gift has now arrived... so lovingly and beautifully packaged! And when I opened it... OMG... I saw the most wonderful, amazing hairpins I've seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!! They are just too beautiful to be true!!!!! I can really see how lovingly Jana works, even the backside is so beautiful! And the color... I LOVE LOVE LOVE turquoise!!!

You can find a post about Jana's amazing jewelry here: Experimental Jewelry: HELMITARHA.
And please make sure to visit Jana's Etsy shop Helmitarha to see her great work! You can learn more about her lovely world and her "Secret Garden" in her blog. By the way, if you are jealous of my awesome artwork by Jana, you can win a breathtaking necklace created by her! Check her Blog Giveaway, maybe YOU will be the lucky one :)!

Thank you SO much dear Jana!!!!! You really made my heart smile, you are one of those sweet lovely persons who are still able to give with your heart and to give happiness to the people you meet, it's such a joy to know you!

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