Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have found a wonderful votive/candle holder at a local thrift store. It features a glass mosaic in amazing shades of sky blue, turquoise, Caribbean blue and Calypso blue... and Aegean blue, of course :) One edge is broken, so I got it for a "symbolic" price... and I'm going to use the glass pieces for my mosaic project which I have had in my mind to try for a long looong time. Of course, I'd love to apply the mosaic technique to jewelry... which makes the task a real challenge, given the small surface I'm going to work on!

I think this coming autumn/winter season is going to be a time of experimentation for me! Besides mosaic (and I want to try polymer clay mosaic too: I can make my own tesserae!), I'd love to try some easy enamelling techniques, new projects with paints, wood and copper, and maybe even some felting!

Which new creative techniques are you going to experiment with this coming autumn and winter? :)

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