Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doubt....And Bear

Big day tomorrow. I start my new job. It's been over a year since I've been a REAL attorney.

I'm totally excited to get my hands dirty and to take charge of cases in litigation once again. I'm even crossing my fingers that there will be some motions that need to be written when I walk into the office tomorrow. What I wouldn't give to write a summary judgment motion on liability or causation. Or, better yet, a complex motion in limine. Those are my fave!

Although I'm very anxious to start my new job, for some reason there is a little bit of doubt in me that I never expected to be there. Doubt that this is the wrong choice. And doubt that I won't be good at the new job. I'm nervous that I've forgotten how to do things. Hopefully, issuing discovery will be like riding a bike?

The real source of my nerves is the fact that I think only one of the partners of the firm wanted to hire me. Sounds like he fought for me. This must be how Prez GWB felt when he took office after the majority of Americans didn't even vote for him (remember the electoral college and hanging chads?). I feel this tremendous pressure to be extraordinary. To prove that I can do the job, and do it better than anyone else. The pressure is weighing me down. It's clouding my excitement. It's making me feel sick. And, OMG. What if I suck?

Go away self doubt! GO AWAY!

To end on a happier note, here are some shameless pics of my favorite teddy bear.

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