Monday, October 29, 2012


A lovely reader "challenged" me to reveal a bit more about my "7 little facts"... So here is fact #3! :) 

3. I love all seasons, but my favorite ones are Spring and Autumn!

Yes... I truly love ALL seasons... there is so much beauty in each and every season, and each one is unique! If ever asked if I would renounce to any of the seasons, for example Winter, and live permanently somewhere where one of the seasons doesn't exist... well, I would definitely say a big NO! I am so happy and I feel so lucky to live somewhere where the 4 seasons rejoyce my heart in all their splendor! :) But... my absolute favorites are Spring and Autumn... to me, they are the sweetest seasons, and I deeply resonate with both of them, although in different ways of course. I love the poetry in both of them, I love the soft light, the softness, the colors, the amazing beauty. They are, in their own and unique ways, true symphonies.

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