Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home Again



Just, Wow.

I decided that, in describing the trip, less is more. So, I'll just give some brief, highlights. By the way, this was a ladies only trip ;)

  • Dancing and closing down the Toby Keith bar
  • Old lady boobs, up close and personal
  • Getting into a very heated political debate with an Australian man dressed in a yellow M&M costume (he's an M&M, what does he know?!)
  • Vodka for dinner (three times)
  • Thunder Down Under
  • Sticker-shock: the only thing that got between me and my very first tattoo
  • Sleeping until 11am, just because
  • More dancing at the Toby Keith bar
  • Smoking cigars at the Roulette table
  • Betting a grand total of $11
  • Losing a net total of $9 of that amount
  • Turning into a pumpkin at 12am every night (yes, even in Vegas, I'm still a mom)

As far as photos go, this is the only one that is innocent enough for the internet:

I can definitely see why people tell you not to stay longer than three nights in Vegas. It's totally overwhelming. If it weren't for the great company I was with, I probably would have been ready to go home after 24 hours.

The best part of the trip?

Returning home to a sparkling clean house, laundry put away, dishes done, car vacuumed (my husband is totally amazing) and to this:

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