Monday, October 15, 2012

Half Birthday

Ryan had his sixth month check-up today! He did amazing after his shots. He only cried for 30 seconds and then was extra happy for the rest of the day (I'm used to my kids being a little clingy and crabby after shots). I'd like to think he was really happy to have me back. And...breaking news: this is the first time that I didn't cry during shots!

Obligatory baby stats:
  • Height: 26.6 inches (50%)
  • Weight: 17 lbs, 15 oz (50%)
  • Head: 75% (don't remember the number)
The doctor said I could start introducing baby snacks (such as biscuits, etc) when Ryan starts to master biting and chewing and self-feeding. I didn't bother to tell her that he's already doing all three. Just this past week he's learned to pick up cheerio-sized baby snacks and can even get them in his mouth on his own. Ryan being able to snack away on baby biscuits and baby cheerios has been a life saver. I can put him in his walker with a tray full of snacks and he stays busy, eating, talking, and laughing, while I cook dinner or do some chores.

During Ryan's exam, I had him sitting up on the exam table. He was babbling away and rocking vigorously back and forth the whole time. He does that at home and it cracks me up. It reminds me of some crazy person sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth, talking to himself. The doctor got a pretty good kick out of it as well. She was impressed that he stayed upright and didn't tumble off the table.

Speaking of mobility, Ryan's really close to army crawling but he's not quite there yet. When I set him on his tummy, it's fun to watch him spin in circles on the carpet. He can also push himself backwards pretty far but he hasn't quite figured out the whole moving forward thing yet.

All in all, today was wonderful. I took the day off to spend some time with my boys in addition to taking Ryan to his check-up. We didn't do anything special but I still had a blast hanging with my boys and enjoying the everyday stuff.

This picture is blurry but I still love it. These boys love each other so much!

Also, I couldn't help this (for Ryan's sake, baby 3 needs to be a girl...):

We shopped together. We ate lunch at the hospital cafeteria together (Jacob cracked me up with his big-boy conversations over lunch) and even Ryan got to eat- he enjoy some rice cereal. The boys accompanied me all over town as I ran errands. We stopped at the mall and I let Ryan play at the indoor play place while Jacob rode the mall train. Then we came home and played a little before I whipped up a dinner of enchiladas and spanish rice (one of my fave meals!).

The days that I go to work remind me that I love my job and I love having a career. But days like today, I start to miss being home. In the middle of the day, as I was pushing a cart around Target, trying to keep Jacob wrangled by my side and feeding Ryan a bottle with one hand, I started to feel a stabbing homesickness for my maternity-leave days. Being with my guys one-on-one from breakfast through bedtime was so special. I miss sharing the little moments of the day with them. 

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