Friday, October 12, 2012


Lovely Marie of Marie-Meraki has given me a lovely award that I'm now going to share with some of my favorite bloggers! Thank you Marie! :)

So this is how this award works:
- Thank and link back to the person who awarded you;
- if you like, you can share 7 random things about yourself;
- pay it forward to some bloggers you like;
- contact those bloggers about the award!

You already know I love kitties, mountains, islands and bright colors... So here are 7 little "secrets" about myself!
1. I am a night-owl, I love staying up late and getting up late!
2. I love wearing girlie hairclips :)
3. I love all seasons, but my favorite ones are Spring and Autumn!
4. If you ever invite me to your home, please don't cook meat for me, I'm a veggie!
5. I love the aroma of the woods after the rain!
6. I am bilingual (Italian-German), and this fact fueled my love for languages!
7. I have a little tattoo, it's a spiral sun I designed myself!

Here are 6 lovely bloggers I'm passing this award to:
• Cherry Blossom Tattoo (Carrie, your amazing photography and your love for Life's little details are so inspiring!)
God's Little People (Joan, your blog is an endless source of inspiration to me -- thank you!)
 Repositório da Marilia (Marilia, your kitties make me smile!)
 Fra årstid til årstid (Hilde, your love for Nature and its wonders is inspiring to me!)
Daydreaming My Life Away (Nancy, love your art, your kitties, and... you are my "oldest" active blog follower!!)
Grow Our Own (Carrie, your allotment-therapy is an inspiration!)

Of course, this is a game, so... no strings attached! :) Feel free to do any of the above, or just copy the award badge to your sidebar!

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