Friday, August 31, 2012

Cut, Cookies, Cape

Oh man, I think there are some interesting things happening! I wish I could share them now but it's not quite the right time. Expect something mid-next week. :)

In the meantime...

I got a haircut!

I was inspired to cut my hair shorter and add side bangs. My inspiration was Mackenzie Mchale from the Newsroom. I like the show a lot despite it's heavy liberal slant- don't even get me started on their pronouncements that the Tea Party is the Taliban, hates poor people, and is anti-women.

But Makenzie! I love her. I love her style. I love her cute-but-not-glamorous-nerdy-girl hair. Out of all the women heroines on TV today, I can relate to Makenzie the most. Intelligent but quirky and sometimes verbally inept. Oh, and her wardrobe is flawless. Pencil skirts and tucked-in flowy blouses. Love!

I made a baywindow seat.

Like how my son arranged his cars?

I bought some 3inch foam and some fabric and created this without a pattern or plan. I just made it up as I went. I even added a velcro closure so that it's removable. It was SO much work and maybe not even worth the 5 hours I spent. But I couldn't find a pre-made cushion with the right shape or dimensions. It turned out ok despite my amateur skills. It does the job. I'm happy.

Ryan ate a baby cookie.

Get in my mouth!

 This isn't working!
Oh, that's better!

He's a pro at sitting now! I can't believe just two weeks ago he wasn't sitting at all. It's like he's been doing it all his life :) He never really got into the whole rolling over thing but he's definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to sitting!

My kids were cute.

And I saw a man wearing a cape.

The End.

P.S. Yes, I AM aware of the suckiness of my camera phone.

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