Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekends Refreshed

The best part about going back to work is that weekends have become 5 times more awesome. When I was home with kids all week, the days all blended together. I was so out of tune with the calendar and no one day had any significance, in and of, itself.

But now...the weekends mean everything. The countdown to Saturday begins as early as Sunday night before I drift to sleep. Every Friday is a reason to celebrate.

The weekends aren't always adventure-packed. In fact, they are sometimes pretty ordinary. And they always bring a list of chores. But, when I have my two little sidekicks in tow, I feel full and whole and happy.

It's been hard having less time with my kids each day. But, the time we do spend together is so much richer. The mentally and physically exhausted stay at home mommy who couldn't even go to the bathroom alone has been replaced by a more appreciative, patient, and focused mommy. When I'm home, I'm holding Ryan every chance I get. I'm laughing at Jacob's usually tiresome toddler games. I'm taking the time to properly answer Jacob's numerous and nagging questions. I'm cooing at Ryan and smiling, even through his fussy times. I'm smiling because, whether he's happy or not, I'm just thrilled to have him in my arms again. And, it may just be my imagination, but the kids also seem much happier on the weekends now than they did before.

Ryan and Jacob were wonderful this weekend. Yesterday they got to play with their cousins at a nearby outdoor water park. The weather was perfect and the kids got along really well. There is NOTING better than watching your children laugh and have a great time.

Today, we tagged along on Daddy's trip to a car show. Daddy looked at cars while we ate ice cream, collected free stuff, soaked up the sun, and enjoyed being together.

While there were many cool cars on display, we seemed to garner more than our fair share of attention. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with strangers all because of (1) this awesome wagon, and (2) the two cute kids sitting in the wagon.

Jacob loved sharing his wagon with Ryan. He was pretty excited that it could fit the both of them. He wanted to show Ryan everything we saw, including the snail that was making a home in the bottom of the wagon. Ryan watched so nonchallantly as his brother set the slimy snail onto his chubby leg.

Jacob and the lolipop from grandpa

Someone is too cool for school with his backwards hat!

Ryan was so amazing today. When we were at Costco, I picked him up out of his carseat and carried him around in my arms. He looked up at me happily and began to chatter away. He smiled ALL DAY. No joke. Even during his fussy time. As the evening wore on, he got a little cranky. I let him cry for a couple minutes before swooping in to pick him up. When I began to rocked him in my arms, he stopped crying. He looked up at me with big, happy eyes and gave a shy little smile before burying his face back into the crook of my neck and falling to sleep. He ended up going to bed past his bedtime, but he was laughing and smiling up until he konked out in my arms.

He's going to wake up at 3am tonight, just like he does every night. I'm very much looking forward to cradling him by my side as we drift back to sleep together.

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