Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spidey Says "Hi"

Within two minutes of meeting Jacob, you will learn at least three things:

1) His name is Jacob
2) He is three and a half
3) He has a Spiderman shirt

Jacob is my social butterfly. If he sees you even LOOKING his way, he will run up to you and cheerfully announce the three facts listed above (in that very same order too). He doesn't care if you're acknowledging him or not. He thinks everyone wants to be his friend. Everyone. And he thinks everyone wants to know about Spiderman.

Overnight it seems, Jacob has become totally obsessed with Spiderman. We have no idea where he even HEARD about the guy. We certainly never talked about him. Then all of a sudden, Jacob was dancing around the house, jumping from furniture to furniture shooting pretend spiderwebs out of his wrists. At first, I just thought he had developed turrets syndrome, or worse yet, his father's dancing skills. Nope, just a Spiderman obsession.

Jacob's birthday is around the corner and he has informed us that he wants a Spiderman party. I've scoured Pinterest and Google for good Spiderman party ideas. But everything out there is pretty lame. Then I got an idea. What if Spiderman crashed Jacob's party?! It didn't take long to track down a Spiderman costume. It took slightly longer to convince my 13 year old brother to dress the part. I can't wait to see Jacob's face.

Last weekend I picked up the costume and hid it in the far reaches of my closet- we're talking actual spider territory here. It's been sitting there waiting for it's day of glory ever since. UNTIL....this afternoon. Today, I got home from work before my husband and the kids. I went to my closet to grab my yoga pants when a bright red and blue, shiny piece of spandex caught my eye. It was the Spiderman costume. And it was calling my name. I mean, I have the thing rented for an entire month, so I might as well get my money's worth. Right? Right?!!

It was a little big. But I thought I looked pretty awesome.

Then I had another idea!

A great fix for bad hair days

I quickly whipped out the camera, set the timer, and took photos of "Spiderman" in various places in the house. I'm going to print these photos out and leave them in a note to Jacob from, who else but Spidey himself. (After I photoshop my hair out of the pictures of course). The note will say something like, "Dear Jacob, I came to visit but you were not here! Thank you for letting me take a nap in your bed and play with your trains. Can I come to your birthday party?"

I think I'm going to be more excited than Jacob!

P.S. - I make a pretty good Spiderman huh? I kept trying to pose in such a way that my boobs wouldn't be too obvious. Note to self, spandex suits flatter the chest....

P.P.S. - do you think playing Spiderman for an afternoon will finally put an end to my erotic Spiderman dreams?

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